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Human Resources

Recruitment of Skilled Labor Force


Human Resources

Human resources management aims to be the employer preferred by the qualified workforce to work, to select and recruit the most qualified workforce that will carry the company to the future, that has the Adres Plastik corporate values, and that is most suitable for the job, and to meet the future workforce needs of the company with a global perspective and proactive approach in selection and recruitment

Adres Plastik's human resources policies are determined in a way that ensures flexibility for the specific conditions and needs of the units.

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Providing a development environment and creating opportunities for the continuous development of employees and the realization of their potential.

To ensure the creation and dissemination of a participatory, sharing, transparent culture that values diversity and creativity.

Provides internship opportunities for a certain number of different business areas each year, Internship applications are made using the contact page.

The human resources management approach includes proactively responding to the specific needs of different business units, as well as creating approaches and practices that support strategic goals and performance.

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